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Privacy Policy (EPS)

March 15, 2013
Korea Employment Information Service

Privacy Policy (EPS)

  • - The "Privacy Protection Act" sets forth the principles governing the use of personal information under which the Korea Employment Information Service provides a public service including collection and retaining of personal information and protecting the rights and interests of people. In addition, the Korea Employment Information Service respects your rights to access and revise personal information and you can exercise your right to make administrative appeals on any infringement of your rights under the Administrative Appeals Act.The following Privacy Policy applies to EPS (Employment Permit System).

Article 1 (Purpose of Handling Personal Information)

  • "EPS Online Service" created a procedure where you can click either "I agree" button or "I do not agree" on its Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Other Service Policy. If you click on "I agree" button, you shall be deemed to have consented to the collection of your personal information. The purpose of collecting personal information on the EPS Online Service is to provide users with various public services and useful information.
    Personal Info.
    Managing changes in employment of foreign workers
    Act on Foreign Workers' Employment, etc.
    Purpose of Retention To manage changes in employment of foreign workers to EPS
    Key Items Passport no., alien registration no., business registration no., name, phone no., address, date of birth, gender, age, nationality.
    Term of Retention Permanent

Article 2 (Handling & Retention of Personal Information)

  • The personal information of a user shall be retained for the duration that "EPS Online Service" is available to the user and will be automatically destroyed and made inaccessible when the user closes his or her membership account.

Article 3 (Release of Personal Information to a Third Party)

  • The personal information in relation to "EPS Online Service" is handled within the scope set in Article 1 (Purpose of Handling Personal Information) in principle and is not handled outside the scope or released to any third party without the consent of a user except:
    • - that a user agreed to release or disclose to a third party in advance;
    • - that it is required by laws;
    • - that it is required to perform contractual duties to provide services and such consent cannot be received due to financial/technical reasons; or
    • - that it is used in a format that is not personally identifiable

Article 4 (Outsourcing the Process of Personal Information)

  • The Korea Employment Information Service outsources the processing of personal information to improve its service quality with necessary regulatory measures to protect privacy pursuant to the applicable laws.
    • - Service Provider: HANULYEONSOFT Co., Ltd.
    • -Outsourcing Service: EPS system development, maintenance
    • - Term: during the term of service contract
    • - Service Provider: KTCS Co., Ltd.
    • - Outsourcing Service: customer service, prevention of abuse, remote support
    • - Term: during the term of service contract
    • - Service Provider: SE Partners Co., Ltd.
    • - Outsourcing Service: Foreign Employement statistics Development & Maintenance
    • - Term: during the term of service contract

Article 5 (Rights & Obligations of Users)

  • Users may exercise the following rights as owners of their information.Request to Access Personal Information: You may request access to the personal information retained for "EPS Online Service" pursuant to Article 35 (Access to Personal Information) of Privacy Protection Act. Access may be restricted pursuant to Article 35-5 if:
    • 1. access is prohibited or restricted by law;
    • 2. there is a risk of causing death or injury, or infringing another person's properties or profit; or
    • 3. causing a material interference with the performance of one of the following items by a public
      • a. levy, collection and reimbursement of taxes
      • b. academic performance review and applicant selection of academic institutes established pursuant to Elementary & Middle School Education Act, High School Education Act and Lifelong Education Act
      • c. academic, skill and employment tests and assessment for qualification
      • d. evaluation and assessment for estimating compensations and benefits
      • e. audit and investigation under other applicable laws
  • Request to Revise & Remove Personal Information: You may request revision or removal of the personal information retained for "EPS Online Service" pursuant to Article 36 (Revision & Removal of Personal Information) of Privacy Protection Act. However, request for removal may be denied if certain personal information is required by other laws.
  • Request to Cease Processing Personal Information: You may request to cease processing personal information retained for "EPS Online Service" pursuant to Article 37 (Cessation of Processing Personal Information) of Privacy Protection Act. Such request may be denied pursuant to Article 37-2 if:
    • 1. stated by laws or required for compliance with laws;
    • 2. there is a risk of causing death or injury, or infringing other person's properties or profit;
    • 3. other jobs cannot be performed without public organization processing personal information; or
    • 4. the contracted service cannot be provided or the contract cannot be performed without processing personal information, and users do not clarify their intention to terminate the contract.

Article 6 (Contents of Personal Information to be Processed)

  • The following personal information shall be collected for "EPS Online Service" and related services:
    • - Personal Information File: user information for membership enrollment
    • - Name, ID, Password, Business Registration No., Workplace Control No.: for identification required to use service
    • - Email, Address, Phone (or Mobile Phone): to secure means of communication including electronic notice and announcement
    • - Public Key Certificate: for security required to use service including reporting and viewing information
    • - Other Optional Contents: information required to customize service

Article 7 (Destruction of Personal Information)

  • "EPS Online Service" shall destroy personal information immediately according to the following procedure, term and methods when the purposes of its collection have been accomplished unless it is required otherwise by laws:
    • a. Procedure: When the purposes of collection are achieved, personal information provided by users is destroyed immediately after being retained for a certain period time pursuant to internal policy and applicable laws
    • b. Term: The users' personal information is destroyed within five (5) days from the date of expiry or the date when it is deemed unnecessary by achieving the purposes of collection.
    • c. Method: The personal information processed for "EPS Online Service" is recorded electronically and thus destroyed using techniques that disable the recovery of deleted data.

Article 8 (Security Measures for Personal Information)

  • "EPS Online Service" shall take the following technical, administrative and physical measures to protect your privacy pursuant to Article 29 of Privacy Protection Act.
    • 1. The internal administration for "EPS Online Service" is planned and implemented pursuant to the internal administration policy of Korea Employment Information Service.
    • 2. The number of persons with access to personal information is kept to a minimum and each person is designated appropriately when it comes to managing personal information.
    • 3. Necessary measures are taken to restrict access to personal information by granting, modifying and withdrawing access rights to personal information database and invasion block systems are implemented to prevent unauthorized access.
    • 4. All records of accessing personal information (e.g. web logs, summary of information) is retained and maintained for at least six (6) months and security measures are taken to prevent any modification, theft and loss of such records.
    • 5. Security software is installed to prevent hacking and computer virus that can cause leakage or damage of personal information and such software is updated and maintained on a regular basis to monitor and block any unauthorized access to personal information in addition to monitoring network traffic to prevent any illegal attempts to modify information.
    • 6. Unauthorized access to physical location of personal information is restricted by full access control procedure.

Article 9 (Person in Charge of Privacy Protection)

  • The following person is in charge of protecting personal information and handling complaints regarding personal information for "EPS Online Service". (Person in charge of privacy protection under Article 31-1 of Privacy Protection Act)
  • Person in Charge of Privacy Protection: Geon-uk Park (Managing Director of Information Dept)
    • - Email: kwpark@keis.or.kr
    • - Tel: 1577-7114
    • - Fax: 043-870-8419
    • - Address: Zip Code: Zip Code: 27740 6, Taejeong-ro, Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Manager of Privacy Protection: Jong-Hun Lim (Manager of Foreign Workforce Team)
    • - Email: ijhun9719@keis.or.kr, shc411@keis.or.kr
    • - Tel: 043-870-8004
    • - Fax: 043-870-8549
    • - Address: Zip Code: Zip Code: 27740 6, Taejeong-ro, Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Use of personal information shall be supervised and controlled so it is used in accordance with the purposes of its collection pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

Article 10 (Modification of Privacy Policy)

  • This Privacy Policy shall be effective on the date of effect and any addition, deletion or correction shall be notified ten (10) days prior to its effect.
  • Version number of privacy policy : v2.0
  • Date of Effect: March 15, 2013

Article 11 (Remedial Action on Invasion of Privacy)

  • Information owners may submit their dispute to or consult the Privacy Dispute Arbitration Committee and the Korean Internet Security Agency Report Center or contact the following organization to report or consult about other privacy issues:
    • 1. Report Center (Korea Internet Security Agency)
      • - Service: reporting/consultation on invasion of privacy
      • - Website: privacy.kisa.or.kr
      • - Tel: (nationwide no.) 118
      • - Address: (138-950) Korean Internet Security Agency Report Center, 135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
    • 2. Privacy Dispute Arbitration Committee (Korea Internet Security Agency)
      • - Service: personal information dispute resolution, group dispute resolution (civil cases)
      • - Website: www.kopico.go.kr
      • - Tel: (02) 2100-2499
      • - Fax: (02) 2100-2485
      • - Address: (03171) Government Complex-Seoul 4F, 209, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
    • 3. Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Crime Investigators: 02-3480-3573 (www.spo.go.kr)
    • 4. Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center: 1566-0112 (www.netan.go.kr)

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