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Agriculture and stockbreeding


  • Activities of obtaining the product by raising animals and plants which is useful for human being

Job description

  • Foreign workers will be placed as a worker conducting a simple work such as farm cultivation.
    Crop cultivation : Gardening, mushroom, fruit-growing, vegetable, seed-growing and etc.
    Stockbreeding : cow, beef cattle, pig, horse, chicken farming and etc, Agricultural service : agricultural products selection and dehydrating or operating related facilities.

Working hours

  • Working hour in agriculture sector is more flexible than manufacturing sector, so please refer to the labor contract when signing.
    Working hour : 09:00~18:00(including 1 hour recess)
    Exception : Working hour shall be applied variously considering the trait of each type of business in agriculture sector.


  • The minimum wage is in accordance with the Labor Standard Law. However, additional pay rate for overtime, night shift or holiday work are paid according to the contract conditions suggested by each company.


  • Most companies of agriculture sector offer free board & Dorm. But each company has different working conditions so Please refer to the Standard Labor Contract when signing