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Fish Farming


  • Fishing activity that breeds or cultivates various kinds of fishes, crustacean, mollusks, seaweeds and other marine animals and plants in the sea, river, or lake.

Job description

  • Unskillful work which cultivates marine animals and plants in the sea or river.
    Farming : seafood farming, pearl farming, marine animals and plants farming

Working hours

  • Since working hours are different according to the characteristic of cultivating products, please refer to the Standard Labor Contract.
    ※ I. e. : working hours of company O : 05:00~14:00 working hours of company K : 08:00~17:00


  • The minimum wage is in accordance with the Labor Standard Law. However, additional pay rate for overtime, night shift or holiday work are paid according to the contract conditions suggested by each company.


  • Payment date, dormitory and board are different depending on a individual company. Please refer to the Standard Labor Contract when signing.