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Guide of EPS Four Major Insurances by Type

Return Cost Insurance(purchased by foreign workers)

Application period

  • Join the insurance within 80 days from the effective date of labor contract

Insurance fee

  • (Category 1) China, The Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam : 400,000 KRW
  • (Category 2) Mongol, Kyrgyzstan, Other countries : 500,000 KRW
  • (Category 3) Sri Lanka : 600,000 KRW
    ※ Insurance fee is flexible depending on air fare cost and etc.

Application procedure

  1. Sign Return Cost Insurance Agreement at the Employment Training center
  2. Pay the insurance fee to the bank account written on the Insurance Agreement within 80 days from he effective date(entry date) of labor contract

Application document

  • 1 copy of Insurance Agreement(distributed in the Employment Training center)

Reasons for payment claim

  1. When he/she intends to depart Korea because his/her sojourn period has expired
  2. When foreign workers intends to depart Korea for personal reasons before the expiration of his/her sojourn period
    (Excluding temporary departures); or
  3. When he/she has left his/her workplace without permission and intends to voluntarily leave Korea or is deported by the government of Korea.

Payment claim procedure

  1. Submit Departure Schedule Confirmation Form to the Job Center one month prior to the scheduled departure date.
  2. Submit 1 copy of the Application Form for Insurance Claim, 1 copy of the bankbook in the foreign worker's name and 1 copy of identification certification to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.