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What is sojourn management support?

Administrative service and grievance counseling service is provided for both employers and foreign workers to support fast adjustment to a new environment of living and working condition


  • employers and foreign workers who are having labor dispute or employer-employee relationship

What to support

  • Conciliation of difficulties and conflicts in workplace : Providing administrative support service such as mediation and conciliation for difficulties between employers and workers in the workplace.
  • Counseling for difficulties of living in Korea and legal counseling : Provide counseling service for family problem, adjustment problem, language, physical harassment, human right violation and criminal/civil cases during foreign worker's stay in Korea
  • Administrative support service : Performing report or registration procedure in pursuant to related law as an agent
  • Departure support : Provide departure support service for workers whose sojourn stay has expired, temporary departure such as holiday leave, departure before sojourn expiration period
  • Service for industrial accident/disasters : Provide service such as cause investigation, fact investigation by visiting, consultation with competent body, insurance claim, valuables liquidation, funeral process and repatriation of body

How to apply

  • Call or visit local branch office of HRD Korea (1577-0071)

Sojourn management process

  1. Apply for service
  2. Counseling and fact investigation
  3. Conciliation?mediation
  4. Report to competent body
  5. Conclusion

Fee : Free of charge