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Standard Labor Contract Signing

Standard Labor Contract

  • Standard Labor Contract is adopted when signing labor contract between employer and foreign workers
  • Contents of labor contract
    • Period of labor contract
    • Place of working area, occupation description
    • Working hours, recess hours and day off
    • Components of wage, how and when to pay
    • Other matters concerning the working conditions which need to be preset between employer and foreign worker
  • Probation period can applied maximum 3 months and the period can be estimated from the day of beginning of actual work. 10% can be deducted from the minimum wage or more is going to be paid for the foreign worker under probation period.
  • Labor contract come into force from the day of the worker enters Korea

How to sign labor contract

  • When certain worker is selected by employer, the Standard Labor Contract is forwarded to the Sending Agency by HRD Korea
  • Sending Agency informs the contents of the labor contract to the job seeker and report the job seeker's intention to HRD Korea.

Notice for labor contract signing

  • If labor contract has been cancelled by the reason of foreign workers, job application is restricted for 1 year
  • If foreign workers do not satisfied with the contents of the contract, the job seeker can refuse to sign the contract for only 1 time but if refused 2nd times, the job application is restricted for 1 year