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4 Major social insurance

Industrial accident insurance Target to join
  • Company or business hires more than 1 regular employee
  • Industrial Accident Insurance ⋅ Employment Insurance : Construction work with over 20,000,000 won of construction cost
    (Exception : Company hires 4 or less employees amongst the agriculture, forestry, fishery and housekeeping service industry)
Employment Insurance
Health Insurance

Target to join

Obligatorily applicable in pursuant to National Health Insurance Act
National Pension

Target to join

Applies to only nations from obligatorily applicable country according to the reciprocity policy between nations.

National Pension application status by nation.

  • Obligatorily applicable nation : Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand
  • Join exemption nation (if joined in home country, exemption possible) : China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan - Apply for join exemption by submit Payment Certificate to National Pension Corporation by fax
  • Not applying nation : Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar

National Pension lump-sum return and payment of the bereaved family's pension

  • Applies only to joined nation