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Legal Obligations

Employment Training completion

  • Foreign workers should complete the Employment Training conducted by Employment Training institutes upon their entry to Korea

Medical checkup

  • Foreign workers must go under medical checkup during the Employment Training
  • Those who fail the medical checkup are subject to a second medical checkup. If the worker fails second medical checkup, worker will be returned to his home country.

Registration on the 4 major EPS insurance

  • Foreign workers should register with the 4 major EPS insurances during Employment Training(Return Cost Insurance, Casualty Insurance)
    • Return Cost Insurance is for flight ticket to home country when foreign workers go home
    • Casualty insurance covers non-occupational injuries and diseases

Labor contract renewal and sojourn period extension permission

  • When labor contract has been expired, labor contract need to be renewed. If contract has been renewed, permission for sojourn period extension shall be obtained at a local Immigration office.

Workplace change

  • Workers begins work at the company signed labor contract with.
  • Worker cannot desert one's workplace without due reason for working other workplace
  • Workplace change is limitedly permitted