Guide of EPS Four Major Insurances by Type

Return Cost Insurance(purchased by foreign workers)
  • Application period
    • Join the insurance within 80 days from the effective date of labor contract
  • Insurance fee
    • (Category 1) China, The Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam : 400,000 KRW
    • (Category 2) Mongol, Kyrgyzstan, Other countries : 500,000 KRW
    • (Category 3) Sri Lanka : 600,000 KRW
      ※ Insurance fee is flexible depending on air fare cost and etc.
  • Application procedure
    • ① Sign Return Cost Insurance Agreement at the Employment Training center
    • ② Pay the insurance fee to the bank account written on the Insurance Agreement within 80 days from he effective date(entry date) of labor contract
  • Application document
    • 1 copy of Insurance Agreement(distributed in the Employment Training center)
  • Reasons for payment claim
    • ① When he/she intends to depart Korea because his/her sojourn period has expired
    • ② When foreign workers intends to depart Korea for personal reasons before the expiration of his/her sojourn period (Excluding temporary departures); or
    • ③ When he/she has left his/her workplace without permission and intends to voluntarily leave Korea or is deported by the government of Korea.
  • Payment claim procedure
    • ① Submit Departure Schedule Confirmation Form to the Job Center one month prior to the scheduled departure date.
    • ② Submit 1 copy of the Application Form for Insurance Claim, 1 copy of the bankbook in the foreign worker’s name and 1 copy of identification certification to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.